Guinot Facial Treatment

Guinot Facial Treatments combine state-of-the-art technology with ethical skincare practices to provide a revitalising experience. The standout Hydraderm Cellular Energy Machine utilizes dual ionization and thermal currents to enhance the penetration of carefully sourced, paraben-free ingredients, ensuring visible skin improvements while adhering to humane testing methods.

Tailored to meet diverse skin needs, the Hydradermie2 Facial employs double ionization for rapid absorption of actives, promising immediate enhancement, particularly with its Age Logic version that targets the signs of ageing. For a swift skin refresh, the Hydra Clean offers a deep cleanse through a unique heated device, delivering a clearer and more radiant complexion in just 30 minutes.

Elevating their suite of services, Guinot's lifting treatments, like Hydradermie Lift, use microcurrents for facial toning, offering both quick express sessions and comprehensive deluxe treatments for an all-encompassing lift. Manual treatments, including Age Summum and Lift Summum, combine potent ingredients with targeted massages to firm the skin and smooth out wrinkles, reinstating a youthful glow.

Guinot Facial Treatment Price

Hyrdradermie Facial

1 hour


Hyrdradermie Lift

1 hour

From £79.00

Hyrdradermie Lift Delux

1 hour, 45 mins

From £145.00

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