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Caci Chroma Clear

CACI chromaclear Treatment

Caci Chroma Clear is one of the treatments offered by Crawley Beauty Salon.

A non-invasive microdermabrasion treatment system designed to treat face and body imperfections, for example, acne/blemishes, scar tissue, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Chroma Clear is a new non-invasive microdermabrasion treatment system designed to treat face and body imperfections such as acne/blemishes, scar tissue, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Chroma Clear combines five treatment technologies within one state of the art system. Utilizing vacuum suction, red and blue LED Light Therapy Photo stimulation and vibratory massage with a new method of skin peeling called Microdermo Percussion the system represents a significant advancement over traditional microdermabrasion systems.

Microderm Percussion is a painless peeling method that produces very little redness or irritation. Microderm Percussion uses perfectly round quartz silica microspheres, which instead of scraping the skin like the traditional aluminium oxide crystals (corundum powder) gently exfoliate by producing a rapid tapping action as they are propelled onto the skin.

The spherical nature of the quartz silica microspheres means that they are less harsh on the skin than the jagged shape of aluminium oxide crystals and accordingly the spherical shape also eliminates the potential for machine blockages (common with traditional microdermabrasion systems).

The quartz silica microspheres are also a much finer and smaller micron grade than aluminium oxide crystals so can be used safely on very delicate areas for gentle exfoliation.

Blue LED Light Therapy is applied after the skin peeling treatment together with a special soothing gel mask to hydrate, soothe and calm the skin. A combination of Red and Blue LED Light Therapy is particularly effective on acne blemished skin.

Should you wish we at Crawley Beauty Salon are happy to advise you further on the above treatment.

Is CACI treatment worth the money?

This is a considerable investment in both time and money, but I definitely think it’s worth it. You complete the 10 sessions over a period of 4/5 weeks and then top up every 4-6 weeks, just like a regular facial.

Do CACI facelifts really work?

There is clinical evidence CACI works. A study showed microcurrents can increase elastin by 45%, collagen by 10% and the number of blood vessels by 35%. Elastin and collagen are what keep your skin plump and firm, and good blood flow will give you a glow.

How long does CACI eye treatment last?

But the benefits of microcurrent are cumulative and for the best results, we recommend a course of between 10 and 15 treatments. Depending on how your skin responds to the treatment, you may need top-up sessions every 4 to 8 weeks, to maintain results.

Does CACI tighten skin?

The Crawley Beauty salon CACI Eye Revive treatment is suitable for all skin types and uses serum filled CACI microcurrent eye rollers which have a cooling effect on the skin to gently tighten and tone sagging muscles.
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