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Massage Price List

Indian Scalp Massage £40

Hot Stone Massage Full Body  Massage £85

Hot Stone Back Massage £50

Full Body Massage £60

Tension Massage £40

Reflexology £60

Advantages of a Body Massage

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We will tell you some of the benefits of massage that you just need to know and understand. There are so many excellent benefits of massage, which are as follows:

Eliminate Muscular Pain and Contraction

Muscular pain is one of the severe that you suffer. When you continuously face muscular pain, it will bring you other health-related issues. So, Full Body Massage could somewhat eliminate any muscular pain due to many causes.

Massage work by stopping the “pain spasm pain” cycle; this Is a cycle when an injury causes a muscle contradiction. Massage also eliminates your local circulation, leading to a lack of nutrients and oxygen and stops the build-up of particular metabolic and toxin wastes.

Eliminate Long-Lasting pain

Mostly those people who take surgery at any time still have pain. But you can get rid of it; various scientific researches found that Full Body Massage for men is an effective way to enhance muscle functioning and reduce pain.

Eliminates the Effect of Surgery

Massage could also enhance lymph flow. Massage also reduces the excess lymph and toxins, eliminates pain and swelling, and enables essential nutrients and oxygen by increasing blood circulation.

Better Flexibility

Massage could also enhance flexibility and a range of motion in various ways. It could also loose and relax the tight muscle by breaking up the bond that could form on the ligaments and tendons around joints.

Better Posture

Full body massage could also help you to make your posture improved by softening the tissue. There is some connective tissue of the body that could become long-lasting rigid.

Makes Your Immune System Better

Massage does many things for the body’s immune system. It would permit the nervous system to enter the parasympathetic response, leading to relaxation. This massage also helps the body to give more energy and resources through healing and restoration.

Reduces Migraine and Headaches

Many headaches are triggered by muscle tension, and the muscles that produce trigger points could transfer the pain stimulus to the other parts of the body, involving the brain and head. Therefore, massage could also reduce these trigger substances, leading to headache pain reduction.

Aids Digestion

Massage could also help you to enhance your digestive system in various ways. It also stimulates the parasympathetic response, affecting the digest and rest. However, body massage could also enhance nutrient absorption by reducing digestive hormones.

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Tanya Bio

Crawley Beauty Salon has a new member of staff. Her name is Tanya. This Tanya Bio:

Tanya comes from Ukraine, and she has worked in the beauty and health industry since 2011.  

She studied it in Ukraine in Kyiv. Later she received a qualification in physiotherapy and massage at the Kiev Institute of Personnel Training. Her teacher was Vladimir Sokol – the best massage technique trainer in Kyiv. 

His pupils were always hired because he taught them and was their coach. She studied anatomy and physiology, as well as various types of therapeutic massage for various diseases, such as problems with the musculoskeletal system and the normal state of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

She has worked with stroke survivors and recovery assistants. She started her fame in Kiev in a famous French salon, Desange, where she worked with famous people, actors, and government leaders who were warm, lovely clients.

She had the experience of working abroad in Turkey, Poland, and Estonia. Her speciality involves working in rehabilitation centres, but she gained experience in hotels, spa centres and beauty salons. 

Learned body care ancrawleyd massage techniques for relaxation. Later she developed in the field of beauty. In 2017 she received a diploma in cosmetology. In 2018 – a master in eyebrow correction, and 2019 – a permanent tattoo master. 

Her credo is the constant development of her professional qualities and, of course, to bring joy and beauty to clients. Quality and excellent service are a priority for her work.

Deep muscles massage

Since her profile is rehabilitation, this type of massage aims to diagnose the condition of the back muscles and correct them. Unfortunately, very often, our muscles develop unevenly. 

For example, if the work is such that a person constantly sits, then certain muscle groups do not work. 

When nature created a person, it did not think that a computer would appear and a person would spend much time behind the screen. Therefore, muscles atrophy from such work, and it is necessary to do morning exercises, go in for sports and, of course, do massages. 

With the help of this type of massage, we can pump up weak muscles and make them more robust, and vice versa. If the muscles are hypertonic, an experienced massage therapist can relax them and thus bring them back muscles into their harmonious state. 

The therapeutic effect does not occur immediately but gradually, so the course should consist of 10-12 massages to get the result. After half a year, you can repeat the course and stay healthy. Muscles during this massage are worked out deeply. 

The general massage lasts 60 minutes, and the back, arms, neck, legs, stomach, and sternum will be massaged. Combined massage movements – include reflex massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage movements, and even stretching elements taken from Thai massage. 

The effect of such a massage is that a person gradually feels how the back pain will pass and the firmly clamped muscles will relax, which means that there will be a feeling of a new quality of life because a healthy body is harmony and well-being of the whole body.

Swedish massage

Swedish Message is a classic massage technique for relaxing the body’s muscles. The massage lasts 60 minutes and uses classical techniques – rubbing, stroking, shaking. 

The technique aims to ensure that the nervous system is relaxed by influencing it through the body’s muscles. For example, gentle touches and slow massage movements guarantee the client relaxation and a calm state. 

This massage is also considered hygienic – it dramatically affects the skin and blood circulation, improves the psycho-emotional state and leads to relaxation. Here attention is paid to the feet as foot massage is essential for relaxing the nervous system and improving sleep.

Yoga facial massage 

was developed with the aim of a non-surgical facelift. It differs from conventional massage techniques in that we use both fingers and palms for massage and the entire arm surface up to the elbow. Particular long movements with the entire hand surface capture large areas of the muscles of the face and neck. 

The movements are complex and are performed so that the human brain cannot track the sequence of movements because the movements constantly change their direction. Eventually, the brain relaxes, and the effect of psycho-emotional relaxation occurs. 

Much attention is paid to the décolleté and neck area; the massage is based on the principle of lymphatic drainage and energetic work with facial muscles. 

This is a kind of morning exercise for the face by the type of physical education. The course consists of 10 massages; then, you can do 1 massage per week to maintain the lifting effect. 

The contour of the face rises, and the muscles acquire elasticity as if you go to the gym for the face, and your nervous system comes to a calm state because there are more biologically active points on the face than on the whole body.

Lymphatic drainage face massage

The very name already says that we will work with lymph. Lymph is called the sewerage of the whole organism; imagine how many decay products and everything unnecessary there. So, imagine how your skin will look when toxins are removed. 

The skin after this massage looks rested and radiant. Movements are aimed not only at lymphatic drainage but also at lifting, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds are smoothed out, and the facial contour line is improved. 

To improve the effect, before a facial massage, you can massage the abdomen – a lot of lymphatic vessels are concentrated in the abdomen, and it is not for nothing that abdominal massage is called therapeutic. 

So, if there are no contraindications, you can safely add abdominal massage to lymphatic drainage facial massage, and the effect will be amazing. 

This massage does not have to be done in a course; it can be done at least every day or before some significant events to look fresh or when there is a feeling that the face is tired and needs to be rebooted.

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