Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is revolutionising the beauty industry, offering a blend of artistry and precision to enhance natural features with long-lasting results. Our salon's bespoke treatments include eyebrow microblading, eyeliner enhancement, lip blush, and beauty marks, each crafted to accentuate and maintain one's aesthetic with minimal maintenance.

Our array of specialised treatments is designed to meet individual preferences and requirements. Brows can be subtly filled with microfeathering or given depth with an ombré effect, while eyeliner treatments promise to give lashes a fuller, more defined look. Lip blush treatments redefine natural contours and impart a lasting hue, eliminating the need for daily lipstick application.

Choosing semi-permanent make-up at our salon guarantees not only an impeccable appearance but also a comfortable and reassuring experience. Our expert technicians utilise the latest in gentle equipment and advanced techniques, ensuring a natural enhancement of your beauty. This service simplifies your daily beauty regimen, allowing you to wake up every morning looking effortlessly refined, with the least need for additional make-up.

Semi-permanent Makeup Price

Per Session

Eyeliner top and bottom, Lip liner, Eyebrows.


Semi-permanent Makeup FAQ

Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment

Semi-permanent makeup revolutionises daily beauty routines. Additionally, it offers lasting enhancements with minimal effort. Furthermore, it's perfect for defining eyebrows. Thus, it saves precious time every morning. Moreover, it ensures eyeliner remains smudge-free.

Consequently, it enhances natural features beautifully. Also, it's ideal for lip colour enhancement. Therefore, it's a boon for consistent lip definition. Importantly, it suits busy lifestyles perfectly. So, it simplifies makeup application. Similarly, it's beneficial for those with dexterity issues. Hence, it offers independence in makeup application. Clearly, it's a confidence booster. Notably, the results look natural. Again, it's customisable to individual preferences. So, techniques are versatile and adaptable. Furthermore, colours match natural skin tones. Importantly, it's a safe procedure when done by professionals.

Therefore, it adheres to strict hygiene standards. Hence, it's widely accepted and regulated. Equally, touch-ups are simple and straightforward. Indeed, semi-permanent makeup fades gracefully. Additionally, it's a solution for sparse eyebrows. Thus, it creates fuller-looking brows. Consequently, it's a relief for those with alopecia. Also, it negates the need for daily makeup. Therefore, it's cost-effective over time. Hence, it's an investment in beauty. Clearly, it supports active, sporty lifestyles. Notably, it withstands sweat and water.

Again, it ensures a polished look always. So, it's ideal for all climates. Furthermore, it minimises allergic reactions to conventional makeup. Importantly, it provides a base for further makeup application. Therefore, it enhances overall makeup creativity. Hence, it's beloved by makeup enthusiasts. Equally, it's a technique backed by years of development. Indeed, advancements make it more comfortable. Moreover, pigments are high-quality and skin-friendly. Thus, it promotes skin health.

Consequently, it's tailored to complement individual skin tones. Also, it aids in symmetry correction. Therefore, it's an art form in its own right. Hence, it empowers users to feel their best. Clearly, it's a reflection of personal style. Notably, it's a discreet enhancement. Again, it maintains appearance effortlessly. So, it's favoured by professionals. Furthermore, it's a testament to modern cosmetic innovations. Importantly, it bridges beauty and convenience.

Manicure & pedicure, in contrast, provide a traditional pampering experience, rejuvenating the hands and feet with meticulous care. They stand as timeless rituals in beauty, offering relaxation and aesthetic pleasure.

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