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Botox is a popular beauty salon aesthetic treatment, and Crawley Botox offers a wide range of beauty treatments, including fillers, and Sculptra treatments, including Derma fillers.

Botox is also known as Injections of Botulinum toxin (Botox).

Botox, Sculptra and Derma fillers are all non-surgical treatments.

The difference between Sculptra treatment and Botox treatment is an important topic worthy of discussion here.

Botox treatments last between 3 to 9 months, and the treatment must be repeated to retain your youthful skin.

Botox treatment is mainly used for the face. Sagging skin can make us look older, and botox helps to take care of this.

Rukhsana Rauf, who has been in the beauty industry for over four decades and is also the CEO (AHBT) Aesthetic Beauty Training College, said: “Botox is a popular treatment. Crawley Botox leads the way when it comes to Botox facial treatments”.

“However, the treatment lasts at best for nine months. In contrast, Sculptra is a natural product of hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the body.”

Sculptra lasts at least 25 months with excellent natural results, whereas Botox treatment has immediate results. Sculptra treatment takes a few months to blend into your face naturally.

Botox treatment costs much cheaper than Sculptra; however, when you factor in how long Sculptra lasts, then Sculptra treatment is well worth considering as a serious option.

Sculptra is a natural product Botox is not a natural product; if a client can afford Sculptra, then again, it is worth considering Sculptra over Botox treatment.

Botox Crawley – Crawley Botox in West Sussex

Crawley is the home to Crawley Botox, one of the leading Botox Clinics in Sussex and Surrey.

Botox treatments last between 3 to 9 months and involve injections. The treatment means you will feel slight pain at worst.

How long does Botox treatment take?

This does depend on how many areas the treatment is applied to.

The consultation takes 45 minutes, and the treatment takes about 20 minutes, depending on the number of areas treated.

No treatment is given without prior consultation. However, consultation is free, so why not book a free consultation now by clicking this link?

Sculptra Treatment Crawley

Crawley Botox also offers Sculptra treatments to clients; Sculptra is an option for those who wish to look younger and retain their youthfulness.

Sculptra eliminates or reduces deep lines that may be prominent.

Sculptra treatment takes between 45 minutes to 60 minutes and is required before treatment.

Anaesthetic is a cream applied to the treatment area and takes 45 minutes before treatment.

The treatment involves injections which should be nearly pain-free. You will feel a slight pin prick during treatment.

Although with Sculptra, the results are gradual but well worth waiting a week or so.

Botox Near Me

The nearest Botox Near me is Crawley Botox, situated in the heart of Crawley town centre on the Broadwalk opposite Kismet Kebab, not far from KFC. They are open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Why use Crawley Beauty Salon?

Crawley Beauty salon is one of the oldest and most established beauty clinics in Crawley, West Sussex. They also train doctors, nurses and other beauticians through their training college AHBT to NVQ and City & Guild levels.

Crawley Beauty Salon has a wealth of experience in the beauty industry, so your beauty is in good hands.


Juvederm fillers are injected with tiny needles and contain a local anaesthetic (Lidocaine 0.3%).

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