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Neurosedative facial massage is designed specifically to combat mental and emotional stress. This is the author’s technique of the famous Spanish professor Enrique Castells Garcia, who at one time headed the Inmaster Institute of Manual Therapy in Barcelona.


The difference between neurosedative massage and others is the use of a calm and measured rhythm of movements along continuous lines. It is performed with the help of strokes, alternating with some auxiliary techniques. 

It will benefit those who lead an active lifestyle and do not know how to relax. For example, massage is ideal for executives and those who work in challenging conditions and must make quick, non-standard decisions.


Neurosedative facial massage can restore lost strength, relieve fatigue, increase aggressiveness, increase efficiency, eliminate insomnia, and even reduce appetite! Massage has a positive effect on the body’s state, rejuvenating it due to the removal of slag stagnation and increased blood circulation. 

In general, a person becomes calm and positively looks at life, which means that he lives in harmony with himself and the world around him. And besides, massage perfectly strengthens the muscles of the face and restores the contour; even after a couple of sessions, you will see a rejuvenating effect.


with chronic and acute stress.

Chronic fatigue.



Potency disorders.


Diabetes and stomach ulcers.



 It stimulates the circulation of the lymph and normalizes the functioning of the lymphatic system as a whole. The main task of the lymphatic system is to remove all kinds of waste and decay products, toxins, and excess fluid that accumulates in the intercellular space of the body. 

This fluid causes swelling and makes it difficult for some organs to work. In case of poor lymphatic system functioning, stagnation begins in the body, which negatively affects the functioning of the whole organism. 

If we talk about the face, it loses its natural colour and looks tired, with bags or dark circles under the eyes. The contours of the face are also blurred, resulting in the person looking aged and tired. To combat congestion in the body, a lymphatic drainage massage is used.

Due to the intensive outflow of lymph, blood circulation improves, toxins are removed, and the face begins to be actively saturated with oxygen and nutrients. 

In other words, this massage, subject to completing the entire course, provides a lifting effect without any braces and surgical intervention.


Massage makes it possible to remove any cosmetic defects. It perfectly copes with puffiness of the face, bags under the eyes, and swelling, which can make the contours of the face clearer, becoming younger and healthier. Also, thanks to the massage, the muscles of the face are toned. 

They become elastic, resilient, and able to maintain their shape. If earlier you had the first signs of sagging cheeks, a lymphatic drainage massage will help cope with this problem. And this effect will not be momentary; it will be long-term.

In addition, nourishing and moisturizing products used after the massage will nourish the skin for a long time.


stagnant processes in the tissues of the face.

Swelling, bags under the eyes.

Double chin.

Wrinkles, dryness, and flabbiness of the skin.

The recovery period after plastic surgery.

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