Colonic Hydrotherapy £85

Colonic hydrotherapy involves gentle, continual bathing of the colon by infusing warm filtered water into the rectum. The process enables the water to cleanse the large intestines, resulting in a gentle release.

During the treatment, purified and filtered,temperature-controlled water is fed into the colon at a controlled rate. Although this process is sometimes uncomfortable, it’s not painful. The water flow triggers a response in which the patient begins to expel the water and waste through a tube that allows the practitioner to monitor expelled bowel contents.

This response is known as peristalsis, which is a normal pattern of smooth contraction that propel foodstuffs through the digestive tract. During the treatment, the practitioner gently massages the patient’s abdomen to help dislodge the impact matter.

A few benefits of Colonic:

  • Detox, achieve a clear complexion
  • Reduce sluggishness and bloating
  • Increase vitality and performance

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